Our system of public lands -- including national parks, forests, monuments, refuges, and conservation lands -- provide unparalleled access for athletes to train in the outdoors in all 50 states.

Public lands belong to all Americans, and they provide:

·         193,500 miles of hiking and running trails

·         12,659 miles of mountain biking trails

·         43% of paddling opportunities

·         71% of climbing opportunities

Additionally, public lands power the engine of the outdoor recreation industry, which provides $887 billion in economic activity and 7.6 million direct jobs.

But America’s lands are under attack. President Trump has said Bear's Ears and Grand Staircase National Monuments will be reduced and A small group of Congressmen, led by Utah Rep. Rob Bishop, have introduced legislation to codify those reductions. Now more than ever, we must protect these sacred gifts. If national parks and public lands have molded you as a person and as an athlete, we ask that you get involved in the fight to protect them.