Olympians Speak Out

Olympians have used their voices to protect our public lands. Read their pieces below.

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"The importance of preserving public land”

Margaux Isaksen is a three time Olympic Pentathlete and the athlete representative for OPL. She lives and trains in Colorado Springs, CO but grew up near the Ozarks National Forest which she says "shaped her as an athlete and pushed her to become an Olympian."  Read her Colorado Springs Gazette piece here.

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“Public lands critical to Olympic Dreams”

Chloe Woodruff is an Olympic Mountain Biker who lives and trains in Prescott, AZ, primarily in the Prescott National Forest. She says, "My local National Forest makes me proud to call this state home. I want to make sure [public lands] are around for the next generation of athletes too." Read her eNews Arizona piece here.


"Olympian benefited from training on public lands"

Jake Kaminski grew up in Buffalo, NY and now lives and trains in Chula Vista, CA.  He won a silver medal in team archery at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He cross trains on his bike  nearby in the Otay Mountain Wilderness and says, "The abundance of trail systems and protected lands in our country is one of the things that makes me most proud to be an American." Read his piece in the Buffalo News here.  

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Our nation’s commitment to preserve public lands mirrors that of Olympians’ commitments to their sports. Collectively, we must stand by that commitment to protect one aspect of the foundation of our country.
— Rachael Flatt, Olympic Figure Skater